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Can we connect to Social media platforms (Such as posts to Facebook and/or Instagram, picture hashtags etc)?

Unfortunately not, the reason is because the purpose of our app is to increase and simplify networking during the event, and not promote the event on external platforms. However, the user can link their app profile to their social media profile in order to exchange contacts.

Can we group people?

Yes, you can create tags to form groups of users. You can then also send push notifications to users, create menu buttons only visible for certain users and perform other similar functions.

Can I place a QR code at my stand for users to scan if it's too busy?

Yes, you can create a stand/exhibitor user and print the QR code that visitors can scan to find further information about the company.

Can I integrate the data/findings into my own system?

Yes, using our API system you can integrate the user data into your own system. See this website for more information.

Can I also integrate the report's findings into my own system?

You can only export the data/findings, such as interactions and the number of messages, via an Excel file. The same applies to the data on the admin panel.

Do I have control over the app content during the event? (programme, speakers etc

Yes, through the admin panel, you will always have control over the content.

Can I add additional profile fields to the user/company profiles?

Yes, you can add as many as you like and even make them mandatory if you want to. Learn more about additional data fields by clicking here.

Which fields have to be completed as a user in order to use the app?

None are mandatory, but we do always recommend that at least a name and e-mail address be completed.

What different privacy settings are there?

There are a variety of privacy settings available to both users and admins. Users have the following settings in the app they can choose from:

  • Default - Custom privacy settings set by the admin are applied.

  • Profile hidden - All information on your profile is hidden from other users (Unless connected)

  • Basic - Only a users name and profile picture are visible (Unless connected)

  • Profile visible - The information on your profile is available to all users.

Admins with access to the admin panel can create custom privacy settings that users can select amongst the other options listed above.

Can I and my users create a route from my current location to a location in the app?

Yes! Locations set in the app are linked to Google Maps for Android and Maps for Apple. When you or a user opens the locations feature on the app, they should select the location they need directions to on the map. A description will appear along with a target icon on the left-hand side. If they tap this then they will be taken to their respective built-in map application and a route generated from their current location.

How do you inform/invite/connect visitors to the app?

We can import an Excel sheet to our system and invite attendees using fast boarding. We also offer integrations with some registration tools, such as:


Eventbrite helps collect visitor data. Everyone who bought a ticket will automatically be placed in the application.

We can synchronise programme components from, but not the other way around. Visitors also won't be able to change their programme components in the application.

You can read more about integrations with various registration tools here.

How do I find a list of the contacts I've made?

  1. Open the app.

  2. Tap on 'My contacts' or a similarly worded option.

Tip: Once you've opened your contact list, you can then also export the contact list to your e-mails by tapping the download icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Is it possible to filter the 'My contacts' list?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to filter the 'My contacts' list within the application.

Can I send onboarding e-mails myself?

Yes, you can export a list with personal links to send by e-mail. However, we would strongly advise against this. This is because fast boarding is a much easier process and increases the adoption rate for the application.

What exactly is meant by 'Send a confirmation e-mail' after the first login and then 'Stop sending e-mails' after (date).

The confirmation email will be sent to you when the first person has registered. The 'stop sending' button overrides all other scheduled data. So if for example you have entered in the last reminder that it will be sent on October 5, 2019, but you have entered the date of October 4 at 'stop sending' then he will not send all e-mails anymore.

What does 'auto-sent connections' mean?

This means that you can send an e-mail afterwards to anyone with a reminder to download their contact list. These are all the contacts they have made through a connection with each other at the event.

Is it possible to have a different start page?

As an organizer, you have complete control over the starting page and can choose any area of the app to load by default, or even have a tiled start page (Which is also fully customisable). Read more about the start page by clicking here.

Can organisers see how well smart matching is going?

Organisers cancan see how many interactions have happened, but not who was involved.

How does matchmaking work?

It is based on the interests users add when they first opened the application, they are then matched on those interests and introduced to one another. You can also add additional rules for matchmaking, read more here for everything you need to know about matchmaking.

Yes, users are able to upload their own files via the app. Those files can also be uploaded to the tabs (Files/companies etc) and then connected to users, programme items, and/or companies.

Can I connect to other users while I'm offline?

Yes! And the app will then process it when you're back online.

If you ever found a hidden profile in the admin pawith the email, this account is used as a scraper. It collects all the data in the platform and then we store it in the app so that people can use the app even when they’re offline. This account should only exist for environments with the 'Enable to allow the app to be used offline (with stored data)' setting turned on.

What functions/modules do you need to enable for me?

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