User tags

Personalise communication, access, visibility and event experience by using user tags.

Looking for ways to manage your user tags? Or information on how to create or assign them?

What is a user tag?

User Tags give you control over your user's experience with your event and can be used as a way to group/categorize your users for example; Speaker, Attendee, Exhibitor, VIP. By assigning a tag to a user you can tailor your communication, the events content, and the access of specific users.

Here are some more examples:

  • Send communication (e.g. emails and push notifications) to specific groups of users only (and exclude others).

  • Filtering of users in the platform

  • Permission to access specific sessions

  • Provide users access to specific event days

  • Access to menu items based on tags

If a user is connected as a speaker to a session or a company booth they will automatically receive the tag 'Speaker and/or 'Exhibitor'

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