Content library (VP)

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Media overview
The content library is available during any session. Create folders to organize content efficiently. Upload any of the supported file types or add a YouTube video or stream. Show previously uploaded files to attendees by double clicking on the file.
Added content, like media and polls, can only be accessed by the speaker who has uploaded or create the content.
Files can be made available for download by speaker by clicking the
when a file is opened from the content library.

Action buttons

- Sorting icon: Files can be sorted by name, modified, extension and size.
Looking for a specific kind of file? Use a filter to filter documents, images, videos or audio files.

Files types

The supported file types are listed below:
Please note: The maximum file size is 150 MB. However, the total storage limit of all files in your content library - including video recordings and uploaded files - is 1000GB.
Tip: Try adding /embed/ to a URL in case the video does not play inside the Samba session.
Samba Live can convert the following file types:
An active AdSense account linked to your YouTube account is required before the YouTube live stream can be embedded to stream on the Let's Get Digital platform. The requirements for an active AdSense account are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours Learn more