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Pages (App)

For any information you want to add to the app where there isn't a dedicated facility for this, you can create customised pages. This article explains the functions of pages and how to set these up.

The home page

To find the pages feature within the admin panel, hover over the 'Content' tab, and select 'Page'.

Managing pages

Creating a page

  1. 1.
    Open the home page.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'New page'.
  3. 3.
    Complete the page detail fields as they're described (Any field indicated with a * is mandatory).
4. Click on ''Add page''.

Editing and deleting a page

Each page has three icons to its right (Under actions):
Edit icon: Click here to make adjustments similar to when first creating a page. Here you can add the main text of the page!
FAQ icon: Click here to add FAQs with answers in the form of bullet points.
Delete icon: Click here to remove the page altogether.


Follow the instructions in the navigation article here to find out how to add this (and other features) to your app!

The result

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