💻Toilet feature (Virtual event)

The 'toilet feature' allows for interaction between attendees in line with the wow effects of the platform.

Available for: online events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

What is the toilet feature?

The toilet feature is an interactive 3D module that can be activated for your virtual event that allows for interaction between attendees in a new manner. The user is taken to a restroom area of an event location and has several 'options' to explore and 'play around' with. The focus is on networking.

How to set it up

In the admin panel, hover over 'Virtual event', click on 'WOW effects' and choose 'Toilet feature settings'. Here, you can enable the module 'Enable toilet feature'. You can also enable 'Preloading of the toilet feature': a setting to have the module pre-load for all users. This will make the transition to the module faster for all users but can slow down the platform for all other users not currently inside the module.

You can then add the module to the navigation menu or as a lobby tile to your virtual event platform.

The final result

Inside the interactive 3D module, users can talk to each other using the microphone (when activated), check out the program as well as a shortcut to the networking tables and post text messages that appear in the room, visible to everyone:

The users can also enter a 'toilet stall', where users can draw and write on the wall for other users to see:

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