Registration Form - User Input

This article explains the different types of user input that can be selected in the registration forms.

User input

The following table describes the various user inputs that you can collect with the 'user input' type:


First Name

First name of the user registering


Infix of the user registering

Last Name

Last name of the user registering


Title of user (Mr., Miss, Mrs., Drs.)


It is mandatory to fill in the email address, as the email address is necessary for all users on the platform and in the app

Profile image

Here the users can upload an image as their profile picture.

Company name

The name of the company that the user is working for

Company role

Here the user can fill in the role they're fulfilling in the company they're working for.

Phone number

Here the users can fill in their phone number so other users / connections can reach them


Here the users can fill in a description

LinkedIn Profile

Here the users can fill in the URL to the LinkedIn profile.

Matchmaking tags

Here you can add matchmaking tags for the matchmaking feature. Make sure to create the matchmaking tags already, so that the attendees can pick them while filling out the form.


Here you can add 'additional data fields' of your choice that attendees can fill in. Make sure to first create the 'additional data field', then it will appear here as an option in the form editor.

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