Examples for push notifications (VP)

This page shows some example notifications.

Example notifications

General to everyone messages

  • Thank you for your attendance at the [Enter event name]! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our next events as well! Please check the future dates on our website:
  • The Closing Panel will start in two minutes. Please, use the button "Current Session" in the lobby or choose "Opening Panel" in the programme overview to join the panel.
  • COFFEE BREAK. Get yourself a lovely cup of coffee or tea. Get in touch with our speakers and other attendees. Don't miss the other panels and sessions located in the programme overview.
  • The next sessions will start in 5 minutes. You can join via programme overview and add your favourite session to your personal programme which can be found in the menu.
  • Do you have any questions concerning the platform? Get in touch with managers or use the chat on the upper right to get in touch with us.
  • LUNCH BREAK. Use this opportunity for a short break. Get in touch with other attendees and companies and schedule a private meeting. Check out our "Networking" lounge for your personal meetings overview.
  • We will start with the Opening Panel at 9.30 am. Please have a look around and use the lobby to check the programme today. Welcome to the Event!

Messages to speakers

  • Please watch the speaker instruction video carefully.
  • Use Chrome as a browser.
  • 5 minutes before your program item starts attendees can enter the room! Be ready to be seen.