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No event would be complete without users! Here you can discover everything you will need to know about users in the platform.
5 main types of users can be created including:
  • Organizers
  • Attendees
  • Exhibitors
  • Speakers
  • Moderators
Creating different user types allows you to manage various aspects of what a user can do in the platform and/or app and how they appear.
Pro-tip: You want to check how the app/platform appears for a specific user? No problem, just open the app/platform via the QR code or person login button to the platform within the user profile in the Admin Panel!
Please read through the different user types and their purpose:
Organisers - Read further
There are two levels of organiser that you can set in the Admin panel: 1) Organisation / Admin Users who have Admin access to both the Admin panel and platform/app without restriction. 2) Organisation / Host Users who do not have acess to the Admin panel but do have Admin rights within the platform/app.
Organizers have all rights applicable to any of the below user types in all sessions, booths or anywhere else on the platform/app. Meaning, they can enter the event platform before it is officially opening, enter webinar rooms earlier, change exhibitor booths, etc.
Attendees - Read further
An attendee is a user who is attending the event (mostly without any special rights in contrast to the other user types, listed here). Attendees are given general access to the platform/app.
Attendees may roam the event platform/app freely or can be restricted from entering specific virtual sessions depending on the configuration of the admin panel. Attendees are spectators in a webinar session (virtual platform) and cannot activate their audio and camera (excluding breakout rooms) unless they have the permission to do so.
Exhibitors - Read further
Exhibitors are users who are connected to an Exhibitor booth.
When a users is connected to an exhibitor booth they will automatically recieve the tag Exhibitor and will be able to edit the details of their own booth.
Important: If the Exhibitor Portal (please read carefully for more info!) is enabled, there are two exhibitor types: 1. exhibitors and 2. users belonging to the exhibitor crew. Both do receive the Exhibitor tag.
Speakers and Moderators - Read further
Speakers are users who are connected to a session as a speaker.
When a user is connected to a session he/she will automatically receive the tag speaker and if applicable and given access, will be able to prepare their personal webinar room for example,with a presentation and polls, or to test their audio and video. Additionally, moderators may be connected to sessions; although they are not classified as a speaker within the platform/app, moderators do obtain the exact same rights as speakers for the session(s) they are connected to!
The only difference between speakers and moderators lies in the dipiction/presentation on the platform/in the app!
Speakers/moderators cannot however pre enter sessions they are not speakers at. Within those, other sessions (linked to another speaker), they are being treated as regular attendees without speaker rights.

Creating new users

You can choose from different ways to create a new user in the platform based on your preference. You discover the option that is best for you below

Blocked users

If a user tries to log in too many times with the wrong registration code, this user will be blocked for the next 15min and can afterward try again with the correct credentials.
However, on the overview page of the Admin Panel will be a warning notification, with an overview of locked users linked to it. Within the respective user profiles, the checkbox Is the account locked? can be unticked to allow these users to log in again (before 15min are over).
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