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To find the branding settings within the admin panel:

  1. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.

  2. Select 'General settings'.

3. Click on 'Branding' from the left-hand menu.

Managing your branding

Branding (application)

There are a host of colours throughout the app that can be changed in the settings, some of the key ones are:

  • Branded start colour: The left half of the colour strip that is always displayed at the top and fades into the right-half colour.

  • Branded end colour: The right half of the colour strip which is displayed at the top and fades in from the left-half colour.

  • Base: The colour of icons that belong to admin tools/settings.

  • Highlight: The colour of contact information icons within the contacts page.

  • Background: The background colour behind any page.

  • Text colour: The colour of the main text on any given page.

  • Contrast: The colour of any pop-up button that appears in the bottom right of a page (For example, the pen edit button on a user's personal profile page).

Reminder: Don't forget to click on 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page after changing any colours.

Placeholder images

Select a placeholder image for several features. The image will be shown by default in case the default option is not adjusted. Placeholder images can be uploaded for:

  • Program sessions

  • Posters

  • During uploading and processing

  • User profiles

  • Company logos

  • Networking tables

  • Files

Virtual platform images

Upload an event logo, optionally an alternative event logo, background image, badge logo and a favicon for your virtual event.

The event logo will be displayed in the top-left corner of the platform, the background image on the landing page of the virtual event platform and the badge logo in the badge at the top of the menu. The alternative event logo will be displayed inside the session rooms, such as program items, video calls and networking carousel. Alternatively, a 'Background image lobby and sessions' can be uploaded - this will be displayed in the background of the lobby as well as the background inside the program sessions. The favicon is the icon displayed in the tab at the top of your web browser and for bookmarks.

Virtual event colours

Even though there are a lot of colours in the admin panel, you use the basic five options below to change most of the settings. The Event 1 to 4 colours change the outlook of your platform to give it your look and feel.

  1. Find the two HEX codes.

  2. Set the hex colours in the boxes:



Event 1

The primary background colour in the lobby and landing page.

Event 2

The secondary background colour in the lobby and the landing page.

Event 3

Colour of the text in the upper bar and the menu.

Event 4

Colour of the 'Let's check in' and 'No tickets?' button on the landing page.


The colour of most of the text and the upper bar. Align this colour with the banner.

3. Click on 'Save changes'.

Full Colour settings (LGD 3.0)

There are a host of colours throughout the LGD 3.0 platform that can be changed in the settings. Below you will find a Colour Guide on where the changeable colour settings are being displayed on the LGD 3.0 platform.

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