🎦Connecting Zoom to Samba via OBS (Virtual event)

This article explains how to connect Zoom meetings to Samba via OBS.

It's strongly recommended to use a Desktop/PC which:

  • Has, at least, two screen displays (prevents video overlap).

  • Is not active in the Zoom meeting (prevents audio mixing issues).

In order to connect the audio of Zoom to Samba, a virtual cable (A or B) has to be installed. This can be downloaded for free and is attached in the folder. Only VB Cable A will be necessary.


  1. Open the Zoom meeting.

  2. Open OBS on a different screen than where the Zoom meeting is opened.

  3. Name the source 'Zoom (Display) Capture' and press 'OK'.


  1. Leave the name as 'Audio Capture Device' and press OK.

  2. Close the pop-up window.

  3. Close the window and save your changes.

Once video and audio have been set up, follow these final steps:

  1. Enter the Samba Meeting room (not displayed on the screen where Zoom is opened).

  2. Select 'OBS Virtual Camera' as a camera source.

  3. Select 'Communications - CABLE-A Input (VB-Audio Cable A)' for a microphone.

From now on, everyone in the Samba room can see and hear your display and sound. Make sure no other audio tracks are playing on the computer - otherwise, these can also be heard in the Samba room.

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