Virtual event 30min Quickstart

Get started, by yourself, in less than 30 minutes! This page describes the quick steps you should take to launch a successful virtual platform.

1. Get logged into your environment

Logging into your environment can be done in 2 ways; access the virtual event via phone or access the virtual event via desktop in LGD.

2. Fill the navigation menu with the modules you want to use

Go to the navigation menu part of the Admin Panel and add all modules you want to use for the event. If you want to see the result; go to the virtual platform and reload the page. To give you some inspiration, use the best practices manual.

3. Complete the data using the Knowledge Base

For the rest of the knowledge base, you can simply search for each module how the settings can be altered, and what it can do.

To improve the speed of completing the data you can use bulk-importing for some of the data (attendees, companies, sessions, etc.) You can find more information in this article.

After you have completed the virtual platform, and you like the result, contact support for a final event check!

WOW! That's easy, right? And the best thing is that everything can be changed by you 24/7 whenever you want to!

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