App 30 min Quickstart guide

Make real progress within 30 minutes! This page describes the quick steps you should take to launch a successful event app.

1. Log into your App

Even if your Branded App has not yet been published you can already log into your own app using the Let's Get Digital app. Once you have downloaded the app you can login by clicking on the QR scanner found next to the login button and scanning the your personal QR code found on the Overview page of the Admin panel.

Changes made in the Admin panel will be directly reflected in the App.

2. Setup your Navigation Menu

We have pre-setup a navigation menu for your app according to our best practices so you shouldn't need to do much work.

You can make adjustments to your navigation menu using the following article: The Navigation Menu (App)

3. Import your Companies

Why not already create your Companies/Exhibitors/Sponsors/Partners? This is an easy starting point and can really help make the structure of your app feel complete.

If you use our import tool alongwith our 'Exhibitor' Excel template you can quickly import this data into the app.

4. Import your Program

Do already know your program? Again here you can already make simple progress to your app and start exploring how your program can be utilised using the app. Use our 'Program' Excel template to get your program ready to import into the system.

5. Adjust the Branding of your app

Quickly make the app start to feel like it is meant for your event! Here are some simple but effective changes:

Adjust the Branding colours

Go to Settings -> Branding Colours -> Adjust the top 3 options:

  • Starting colour of the gradient

  • End colour of the gradient

  • Base colour

Adjust the Branding images

Set all the default branding images to your event logo. This will ensure any unfilled conent will not be empty.

Design your Branded App design

Go to Settings -> App design and you will be able to review and make changes to your Branded App design. Once you are happy with the design click on Approve design and we will take care of the rest!

6. Setup your mails

Get prepared to onboard your users into the app! You will invite users to the app using our mail system. This will allow you to provide your users with everything they need to get the most value out of your app.

Already create some draft emails that you can use to schedule your onboarding of users into the system.

Wow! That's easy, right? And the best thing is that everything can be changed by you 24/7 whenever you want to!

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