Screenshare (VP)

The menu section

By selecting the 'Screen Share' button the speaker is able to share the content visible on their screen. The options for screen sharing are sharing the entire screen, sharing an application window or sharing a tab of the browser.
When speakers want to show a PowerPoint presentation in a Samba session via screenshare, they must first set the Powerpoint to slide show on their computer/laptop before selecting the 'Screen Share' button. Otherwise, the presentation will not show in full screen.
Be aware:
  • Screen sharing may interrupt the recording of the session. When you share your screen the audio from videos is not audible.
  • Using the screenshare function of Samba often causes the quality of the presentation to be affected due to the large quantity of bandwidth required by the attendees attending your presentation.
  • Macbook users may experience issues sharing their screen. Hence, please make sure to test the function prior to the event.