Network Carousel FAQ (VP)

This pages shows some of the FAQ about the Network Carousel.

Frequently asked questions

Users from the same company were connected while the setting was enabled where users from the same company would not be connected.

Make sure these users are connected to a company. The network carousel uses the Exhibitor tag to form matches when this setting is enabled. Users not connected to a company will therefore not be detected as an Exhibitor.

Users are waiting for a long time till they get matched. How can we speed up the matching process?

This depends on the settings that are used for the matching process. Whenever the advanced network carousel is enabled, you have to make sure that there is a big enough group of users who can find a match according to their matchmaking tags. Therefore, we advise only using a couple of matchmaking tags when setting up a carousel with a smaller user group.

When the setting is enabled where exhibitors only get matched with attendees, make sure to have an approximately equal number of attendees and exhibitors. When the group of exhibitors is smaller compared to the groups of attendees, the exhibitors will have a longer queue time.

The waiting time also depends on the carousel length as set up in the Virtual Event settings. If the length is five minutes per match, for example, users that enter the network carousel after the start of the carousel are expected to wait for some time till a match is found.

Finally, motivate users to attend the network carousel to guarantee the best networking experience by having a large group of users attending.

Users were connected to the same person for a second time. Why does this happen?

This issue will only occur when you have multiple network carousel sessions in the programme. The system will not detect the matches that were made in other network carousel sessions.

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