Locations (Virtual event)

Locations can be names for e.g. rooms or stages within the platform. This comes in handy to organize the programme - especially if there are more than one session happening at the same time.

Available for: online events; packages: core, advanced, and extensive

Although during a virtual event, the users might not be in-person, you might use this to distinguish between rooms within the program of your event.

The home page

To find the locations feature within the admin panel, hover over the content tab and select 'Locations'.

Managing locations

Creating a location

  1. Open the home page.

  2. Click on 'New location'.

  3. Complete the fields as described.

  4. Click on 'Add location'.

Editing and deleting locations

Each location has two icons to its right:


The option to manually sort the locations is enabled by default, so the order of the locations in the programme overview can be adjusted. Here below you can find an explanation of where to find the setting in case you would like to enable or disable it and an explanation of how to create an order.

Where to find the setting

In the admin panel hover over the 'Settings' tab and select 'App settings'.

Select 'Program' in the menu on the left side.

Scroll all the way down and tick the box for 'Location sorting' and click 'Save changes'.

Creating an order

  1. Click on 'Edit location'.

  2. Scroll down to 'Order'.

  3. Order the location by assigning a number. Lower-numbered locations will appear first on the programme overview.

  4. Click on 'Save changes'.

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