Locations (App)

Locations are a tool for users to find their way to and around your event. In this article you can find how to set up, edit, and delete locations as well as all of it's features.

Available for: in-person events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

Creating a location

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to 'Content' --> 'Locations'

  3. Click on '+New location'.

  4. Complete the fields as described.

  5. Click on 'Add location'.

'Part of'

When you make or edit a location, there is a section known as 'Part of'. You might use the locations function to upload rooms (Such as the entrance hall, cafeteria, gallery etc), but these rooms are 'part of' your main location which is the venue itself. Therefore, utilise this option to distinguish when your location is part of another.

Note: locations are automatically added when bulk importing companies or sessions that include a location that is not in the system yet.

Treasure hunt

Locations can be used as one of the hunts in a treasure hunt. Note that when a location is connected to a hunt, it can not be deleted. How to set this up, can be found here.

For users who are struggling to find a room location that's part of the main venue, you can couple this room with its corresponding interactive floor plan to help people find their way around. Setting this up is done in the interactive map, so check out the article here to learn how to do this.

Once set up, your users will be able to find the link to the Interactive map on the location overview, like in the example below:


Tip: By tapping on the location and then the target symbol, users will immediately get directions to your event from wherever they currently are.


Follow the instructions in the navigation article here to find out how to add this (and other features) to your app!

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