Advertisements (VP)

Advertisements are important for events, and in this article we describe how advertisements can be placed in the virtual platform.
Available for: online events; packages: advanced and extensive
​This article describes how advertisements are added in the admin panel and how they are displayed in the app.
Please note: For advertisement images we typically recommend an image with a transparent background with a size of; 400x122px

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

Give certain companies more exposure by setting up advertisements for them in the admin panel.
In the admin panel click on 'Content' and select 'Ads'.
Click on 'New ad' and fill in 'Name', ‘Select a company’ or fill in a 'Link', select an 'Image' to upload and finalize the step by clicking 'Add Advertisement'.
In case you would like to change an existing Ad from linking to a company booth to linking to an external link, you can do so by choosing ‘Not selected’ in the dropdown menu of ‘Select a company’. If you would like to change an existing Ad from linking to an external Link to linking to a company booth, just delete the URL in ‘Link’ and choose a company in the dropdown menu of ‘Select a company’.
The optimal dimensions for images, like advertisements, are shown here.

The end result

In the lobby the advertisements are displayed, when clicked you will be redirected to the website in a new tab or to the corresponding company booth.
Ad redirecting to link
Ad redirecting to company booth
To change the speed at which the advertisements switch in the lobby tile, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Virtual event settings' -> 'Layout' -> 'The duration per advertisement in the lobby in seconds'