Data Protection (Virtual event)

Privacy is important in nowadays digital world! We take it very serious and if you have further questions please let us know.

Could you give me more information about AVG/data protection? Let's Get Digital is a fully protected environment. People decide for themselves what information they want to share. A user has to accept the privacy policy when entering the virtual environment for the first time if this is enabled in the settings.

There are a variety of privacy settings available to both users and admins. Users have the following settings in the app they can choose from:

  • Default - Custom privacy settings set by the admin are applied.

  • Profile hidden - All information on your profile is hidden from other users (Unless connected)

  • Basic - Only a users name and profile picture are visible (Unless connected)

  • Profile visible - The information on your profile is available to all users.

Admins with access to the admin panel can create custom privacy settings that users can select among the other options listed above.

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