Location self check-in QR code (App)

This page describes how the location self check-in function works.

For In-person & Hybrid events each individual location is assigned a QR code which can be displayed at each location. Using the mobile app, attendees can use the shake to connect feature to scan the location QR code to check into the next program item of the specific location.

After the event, it is possible in the App Stats to download an overview of who checked in to each location.

How to set-up

This feature must first be enabled by completing the following steps:

  1. In the Admin panel click 'Settings' --> 'App settings' --> 'Self check-in service'

  2. At the option 'Do you want to have self-check-in service enabled?' choose 'Yes'

  3. At the option 'The number of minutes users can check-in in advance' set the time in minutes

Export all location QR codes

  1. In the Admin panel navigate to 'Content' --> 'Locations'

  2. A new page will open in your browser containing all of the location QR codes (which can be downloaded or printed).

Export individual Location QR code

  1. In the Admin panel navigate to 'Content' --> 'Locations'

The end result

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