Creating a user

What is an event without users? Here are the options for you to create your users in the system.

The easiest/quickest way to add users in bulk is to use the importer tool or to make use of the registration form or an integration or API (if applicable).

How to manually create a user

You can manually create a user from the admin panel within seconds by using the steps listed below:

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to Users --> All users

  3. Click on '+ Add new user'

  4. You can now fill in the relevant fields (please see the table below)

  5. Click 'Add user' to save



Fill the user title i.e. Miss/Mr/Dr

First name

Users First name

Last name

Users Last name


E-mail address that will be used to contact the user and they will use to login to the platform

Profile picture

Set an image with the dimensions 125 x 125 pixels


Tags of user (tag must be created first)

Last updated

Contact support

Mail us