Managing companies

This article explains how you can create and manage your companies in the app.

We recommend creating companies for your event with the use of our (Excel) Import data tool. This allows you to create companies in bulk without the need to manually make single changes via the admin panel.

Manually creating a company

Tip: we recommend only manually creating companies for small additions. It is much faster to import the data using an Excel import.

  1. Open the 'Admin panel' --> Go to 'Content' -->'Companies'.

  2. Click on the button: '+New company'.

  3. Fill in the 'Company details' fields (reference table below).

  4. Fill in any relevant 'Extra company details' fields (reference table below).

  5. Fill in any relevant 'Connecting company' fields (reference table below).

  6. Set the 'Extra company options' (reference table below).

  7. Click 'Add Company'.

Connecting company fields

Company detailsDescription


Name of the company.

Booth number

The booth number where this company can be found


Logo of the company with recommended dimensions 400x400.


Description of the company.

The extra company details can be edited by the exhibitor in the company profile in the app.

Extra company detailsDescription


URL link to the company's website.

Phone number

Phone number of the company.


E-mail of the company.


URL link of the company's LinkedIn profile.


URL link of the company's Facebook page.


URL link of the company's Twitter profile.


URL link of the company's Instagram profile.


Street where the company is located.

House number

House number of the street where the company is located.

Post code

Postal code of the company address.


Town where the company is located.

File URL

URL link of a company brochure. This will be shown as a button in the app for users to download the brochure.

If you want to make use of the exhibitor portal, ensure it is enabled first, before adding your companies to the Admin Panel.

Connecting companiesDescription


Lead exhibitor at event (this user can edit the company profile and if using the exhibitor portal, can add exhibitor crew members).

Exhibitor crew

Employees of the company that will be able to scan leads for the company, but will not be able to edit the company profile (only visible when the exhibitor portal is enabled).


Tags allow you to place your companies into different categories.


Connects the session(s) that the company will be speaking at.

Extra company optionsDescription

Are appointments enabled?

Creates a button that allows visitors to book appointments (Note: appointments must be created in the admin panel first)


Give the company a number to determine how the company appears in the company overview. (Lower numbers appear higher in the list).

Maximum number of exhibitors

The maximum number of lead exhibitors and exhibitor crew that can be added to the exhibitor portal.

Can people download a brochure?

Allows people to download the file (brochure) from the company profile.

+ Custom fields

Add and manage your additional data fields for companies here

Editing and deleting companies

Each company has two icons to their right:

Bulk editing companies

To bulk edit multiple companies, select the checkboxes on the left-hand side in the company overview. Several buttons will appear in the top left corner. They allow you to bulk edit the selected companies:


The actions drop down menu has two different options:

  • Company tags - Manage the tags that link to your companies.

  • Export QR codes - Export all QR codes of all companies for users to scan (see paragraph below for more info).

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