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The interactivity on events becomes more and more important. Include your visitors in presentation through live polling and allow them to ask questions to the speakers through the app.

How can I access the live poll module?

Receive your login data to Mentimeter through your personal Event Consultant.

What do I need to do to make the presentations interactive?

  1. Receive the presentation of your speakers.

  2. Upload the presentation to Mentimeter and make it interactive.

  3. On Mentimeter you can choose from many varieties of live polls.

  4. Choose the option which suits you the best

How can insert the presentation into the app?

Inform your Delivery Consultant that the live poll presentations are ready to be implemented in the app. We will then make sure that the live polls are accessible through the app.

How can I receive the live polling results after the event?

You can download the results of every presentation/live poll in your Mentimeter account.

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