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Example FAQs

Where can I download the app? The event app can be downloaded directly via the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Can I edit my profile in the app? Yes, you can edit your profile once you have logged in to the app. Hereby, go to the navigation and select “Show my profile” and then the pen icon on the top right corner. Keep in mind that adding more personal information is not mandatory.

Do I have to be connected with a user to be able to message them? No, you can start a chat with anyone regardless of whether you are or you are not connected. Only for hidden attendees you should have a connection.

Can I log in to the app through a QR code? Yes, it is possible to log in to the app by using a QR code included in the registration email.

Note: The organiser can include a personalised QR code in combination with their login details. This Knowledge Base article describes how to insert a personalised QR code in an Email template via the HTML code.

Can I get a list of all contacts which I have connected with during the event? Yes. You can go to the navigation menu and select “My contacts”.

How can users log in to the app? As soon as the app is live, anyone with a registration code and/or a personal QR code can log in already. Users can receive the login details including registration code via Email. The email should have been sent by the organiser.

What is ‘shake to connect’? During physical events, you can quickly exchange contact details via the app’s ‘shake to connect’ functionality.

Go into your app and shake your phone. A new window appears where you can either scan a QR code or show your QR code. Once a QR code has been scanned, the contact details will exchange.

Can I export programme items to my calendar? Yes, you can select the programme item and choose the option to add the session to your personal calendar. The option is available at the top right corner of the selected programme item.

Note: However, the organiser must enable this in the Admin Panel beforehand. For this, please go into the Admin Panel and hover over “Settings” and select “App Settings”. Under “Programme”, you can tick the option “Add option to export programme items to ICAL”. Once the changes have been saved, users can add sessions to their calendars.

FAQ for event organisers

What is the difference between a branded and an unbranded app? A branded app allows the event to have its app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. For an unbranded app, the event is included in the Let’s Get Digital app.

Note: that both branded and unbranded apps include the same functionalities. Although a branded app may take longer to go live.

Can I include external links via the app? Yes, you can insert Custom URLs into navigation items. Once the user clicks on the item, they will be forwarded to the link inside the app.

Is it possible to change the start page when opening the app? Yes, you can change the start page of the app under “Navigation” – “Navigation settings”. You have the option between a selected menu item by default or a tiled dashboard.

To create a tiled dashboard, you can read the article here.

Is it possible to send push notifications through the app? Yes, as an organiser it is possible to send out push notifications through the app.

Hereby, go to “Admin options” in the app navigation. Select “Send push notification” and choose the recipients. Write your message into the message box and press “Send” in the top right corner.

Can I check in attendees through the app? Yes, you can check in attendees by using the app. Hereby, you can select the integrated QR-Scanner found in the app navigation under “Check-in guests”. Otherwise, you can also manually check in guests by going on “Admin options” - “Check in manually” and then searching for the attendees' names.

My visitors buy their tickets on the door at my event so I don't have any data about them - how can I inform them about the app?

There are 3 ways you can promote the application:

  1. You can advertise the app on your event's website.

  2. You can print a banner including a QR-Code at the entrance of the event

  3. You can have a QR code on the visitors' badges that can be scanned. The code will link the user to the App Store/Google Play Store.

Is it possible to use the same app for our next event? Yes, however, our standard procedure is for the data to be hashed after 3 months. Yet, we would be more than happy to discuss alternative options even if you originally had a single-event app. We can also utilise the same settings, design and menu for your next event. Please discuss this with your Delivery Consultant.

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