Privacy settings (App + VP)

The home page/settings

To find the privacy settings within the admin panel:
  1. 1.
    In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.
  2. 2.
    Select 'General settings'.
3. Click on 'Privacy' from the left hand menu.
Important: The below settings are fully customisable to your wishes, however only we can make them active. So please let us know if you make any custom settings!

Manage your privacy settings

Before managing your own privacy statement, you can read ours here:โ€‹
Manage privacy settings by adjusting the following settings:
Extra text for privacy policy (will be shown above the standard terms)
Type, or copy and paste, your privacy statement text into the empty field.
How should profiles be shown
Select how profiles should be shown. See below for more information.
Enable to always hide e-mail addresses
When enabled, e-mail addresses of users will be hidden by default.
Enable to allow attendees to filter user tags
When enabled, users can be filtered using tags.
Who is allowed to post on the wall?
Select who is allowed to post on the news feed wall.
Enable to allow users to see the number of attendees subscribed to talks
When enabled, users can see the amount of other attendees that are subscribed / have favourited certain talks.
Do you allow users to have and edit titles
Select whether users can change their titles.
Enable to allow users to change their personal program
Enable or disable users to change their personal program. This option is enabled by default.
Enable to request date of birth information
When enabled, birth date information can be requested.
Enable to request gender information
When enabled, gender information can be requested.
Enable to only show activated accounts in the user overview list
When enabled, only activated account will be displayed in the overview of users.
Enable to only allow VIP attendees to join, will show a video when a non-VIP tries to join
When enabled, user tag permissions can be setup.
Allow users to edit their privacy preferences in their profile
When enabled, users may edit their privacy preferences in their profile, both in the virtual platform as well as the app.
Request users to set their privacy level during onboarding
When enabled, users are asked to set their privacy level when completing their profile when they login to the platform for the first time, both in the virtual platform as well as the app.
Warning: Only our default privacy statement will be shown to users if there is no remaining text in the allocated field.

What different privacy settings are there?

There are a variety of privacy settings available to both users and admins. Users have the following settings they can choose from:
  • Default - Includes to display a profile picture and the full name of the user in their profile.
  • Profile hidden - All information on your profile is hidden from other users (unless connected).
  • Basic - Only a users full name, company, company role and profile picture is visible (unless connected).
  • Public - The information on your profile is available to all users.
  • Custom privacy - Admins with access to the admin panel can create custom privacy settings that users can select amongst the other options listed above.
Please note: Inform your personal delivery consultant whenever you have adjusted the privacy settings to override the settings.

Custom privacy

Note: Be sure to enable create custom privacy levels when using this feature.
There are several different settings you can tweak, and each of these options can be amended per 5 types of users: Default (All users), Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors, and the organisation. You can customise the following:
  • Name of the privacy level for ____ .
  • Are their company names and positions visible?
  • Are their birthdays visible?
  • Are their phone numbers visible?
  • Are their e-mail addresses visible?
  • Are their social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) visible?
  • Are custom fields (see relevant settings) visible?
Reminder: If you make any changes to the custom privacy settings, click on 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page to apply your changes.