Samba user capacity (Virtual event)

As stated in the T&Cs if the contract you have a limit of 3000 users using Samba at any given time frame during the event. We do not guarantee a good performance if this limit is exceeded.

In case you use Samba for any of your programme items and exceed the amount of 5000 users, additional pricing for upscaling our servers will apply.

Adjusting the number of expected visitors

We use the expected amount of visitors to upscale our servers if necessary. Hence, please add the maximum amount of expected visitors well before your event takes place.

To adjust the expected visitors within the admin panel:

  1. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.

  2. Select 'General settings'.

3. Click on 'Event information' from the left-hand menu. 4. At the bottom of the page edit 'The number of expected visitors'.

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