Booth view (App)

This article explains how to make an export of the booth view and what information can be retrieved from this specific type of app statistic.

How to make a booth view export

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to Statistics --> App statistics

  3. Click on 'Export'

  4. Select 'Booth view' from the drop-down.

  5. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address including an Excel file with all booth view statistics.

How to read the statistics of the booth view export



The automatic generated ID of the company

Image of company

The URL link of the image of the company


The description of the company

Brochure URL

The URL of the companies' added brochure

Video URL

Company tag

The tag that was assigned to the company

Phone number

The phone number of the company

Email address

The email address of the company


The name of the street of the company

Building number

The building number of the company


The postcode of the company


The city of the company

External ID's of connecting users

The (automatically generated) external IDs of the users that are connected to the company


The URL of the LinkedIn profile of the company


The URL of the Facebook page of the company


The URL of the Twitter profile of the company


The URL of the Instagram profile of the company


Premium branding enabled

Appointments enabled

Brochure download enabled

Image header

Image left

Image right

Image footer

Featured employee 1

Features employee 2

Visits (unique)

Visits (total)

Total visit time (in minutes)

Number of chat messages

Avg visit time (in seconds)

Last updated

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