Subscription Container

This article explains how you can manage your environments in the subscription container and how to make sure you can (not) switch between different environments.

What is a Subscription Container?

The subscription container is your own branded app to which we will connect all of your environments, when you have signed a subscription with us. By logging into the Admin Panel of the subscription container, you can easily access all of your environments and manage the permissions for your attendees to switch between different environments.

When you wish another branded app for your event, please contact your event consultant.


The overview page provides an overview of all your environments, both active and disabled, which are connected to the subscription container. It shows you the names of your events, dates when the events will take place, and the number of users registered for the event.

Multi event app

The multi event app environment overview shows all of the environments that are connected to your subscription container.

Title - the title refers to the event name of the environment

Eventdate - the eventdate refers to the start date of your event

Config number - the config number refers to the unique LGD number of your environment

Secret code - the secret code that attendees can use to switch between environments when the environment is set to private

Type - whether the environment is set to default, password protected, open, or closed.

  • Default - Environment is accessible from other environments in the same container if you have an account with the same username/password in that container.

  • Password protected - Environment is accessible from other environments, but you must provide a password. If you provide the password an account will be created for you if it doesn’t yet exist.

  • Open- The environment is accessible to users so long as they have an account in one of the child containers under the master.

  • Closed - The environment is no longer accessible, users who attempt to log in will be redirected to the environment select page. If only one other environment is accessible to them, they are automatically redirected to that environment instead.

E-mail addresses used in the community subscription container MUST be unique!

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