Examples for a FAQ (Virtual event)

This page shows some examples of Frequently asked questions.

Example FAQs

How do I find an attendee? Navigate to the Main Menu and click on Attendees. Use the search bar to search by Name, Position or Company Name. You can also filter on Company Type.

How do I set up a meeting with someone? When viewing another attendee's profile click on the small menu button and select "schedule a meeting". You can then proceed to select an available time slot.

How do I make a connection with someone? Go to the profile of the person you want to connect with and click the β€˜make connection’ button. This person is added to your contacts and a notification is sent to the connection. If the recipient accepts the connection request and also adds you to his/her own contacts, a mutual connection is created. Private contact details are made visible.

Where can I see my meetings? In the app navigate to the Main Menu and select "My Meetings". Here you will find an overview of all your pending and scheduled meetings.

Is it possible to use Let's Get Digital without the app? Yes, this is possible. Let's Get Digital, in combination with the app, creates a full event experience. The app serves as a composition for the program, contacts, planning meetings, etc.

How do I start a video chat? Go to the profile of the person you want to meet in the application, click on options and select 'Request video chat'.

How do I start a chat?

Go to the profile of the person you want to meet and click on the β€˜start chat’ button. You can also start a chat by clicking on the β€˜chat’ button in the main lobby. Then click on the button to start a new chat. You can then look up the person you want to meet on the participant's list.

How do I make an appointment with someone?

Go to the profile of the person you want to make an appointment with and click on the β€˜request appointment’ button. You can then choose an available time slot.

Where can I find my made appointments?

You can find an overview of your appointments in the main menu.

Where can I find a program overview?

You can find a programme overview in the main lobby and the main menu.

How does the Lobby chat work?

In the main lobby, you will see the chat module on the right. The chat can be read by all participants and everyone can respond to it. The sessions also have a chat, which is only visible to the participants of that session.

How do attendees sign-up for certain programme items? Attendees can sign-up for sessions in the app by favouring the specific programme item. This can be done by adding a "star" to the specific programme item. This can also be done in a virtual environment.

How does the network carousel work? During the network carousel, you are automatically connected with other participants of the event through a video chat. After a certain moment, you will be connected to the next participant. To take part in the network carousel, go to the programme overview. Then click on the programme item and click on the β€˜enter’ button.

Where can I find the sponsor booths? Navigate to the menu and click on 'Companies'. A page with the exhibitors will show. In the sponsor booth, you can chat and make a connection with a sponsor.

Can the speaker present files/presentations? Yes, it is possible to share PowerPoint presentations with the audience. It is also possible to upload files in the handout tab. This is only possible for a speaker who received the right to do so.

Is it possible to access Let's Get Digital via a smartphone/tablet? No, Let's Get Digital is desktop-optimized and not accessible via a smartphone/tablet.

How do I participate in the chat and the Q&A during a session?

As a participant, you can chat with other participants during a session on the left side of your screen. You will also find a tab named 'Q&A' next to the chat. There you can ask the speaker your questions.

My questions are not answered here Go to the navigation menu in the app and select 'Helpdesk'. Someone is there to help you!

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