On-demand (Virtual event)

Recordings of the Samba live sessions and files can be viewed in the on-demand platform when users check-in instead of the usual platform.

Available for: online events; packages: extensive

Note: Contact your personal consultant to enable the on-demand platform.

In order to record Samba live session, the recording button must be manually activated/clicked.

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

To find the option to manage the networking features within the admin panel:

  1. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.

  2. Select 'Virtual event settings'.

3. Click on 'On demand' from the left hand menu.

Managing your on demand settings

Manage on demand settings by adjusting the following settings:



Enable to automatically show new Samba recordings in the on-demand environment

When enabled, new recording will automatically show in the on-demand environment.

Enable on-demand lobby override

Select to replace the lobby with on-demand during the given time.

On which date+time should the on-demand environment become visible?

Select the start date and time for the on-demand platform.

On which date+time should the on-demand environment be ending?

Select the end date and time for the on-demand platform.

Reminder: Don't forget to save your changes!

Select recordings

In the admin panel click on 'Virtual Event' and select 'On Demand' from the drop-down menu.

The overview

In the overview you can see the recorded sessions.

Understanding the home page


Title of the recording


Duration of the recording


Recording or YouTube/Vimeo video


Visible or hidden on the platform


Linked location of the session


Title of the session


Sorting numbers - the lower numbers appear higher


Edit, hide, download or delete the recording

The recordings of the sessions can be downloaded from the admin panel as an MP4 file.

Management buttons

Above the headers are two buttons for you to add new and manage recordings. On the left is 'Actions', and on the right is 'New video item'.


The actions drop-down menu has 4 different options:

  • Fetch recordings - fetches recorded Samba sessions.

  • Import on-demand from talks - select YouTube/Vimeo talks to insert them into the on-demand platform.

  • Download Excel - download an Excel file with information about the recordings.

  • Disabled overview - deleted recordings will be listed in the disabled overview.

It might take up to 1.5 hours for Samba recordings to show in the list. You can fetch the recordings manually by using the 'Fetch recordings' action button.

New video item

Click on 'New video item'.

Complete the basic fields as applicable:


In order to add files to the on-demand platform that can be viewed by the users, you can check off the 'Should this file be visible in on demand' checkmark when creating files in the admin panel. For more information, check out the Files page.

The end result

Use the filter on the top right to select one specific or multiple days, locations or search for a program or speaker name.

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