Layout settings (VP)

The home page/settings

To find the option to manage layout settings within the admin panel:
  1. 1.
    In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.
  2. 2.
    Select 'Virtual event settings'.
3. Click on 'Layout' from the left hand menu.

Managing your layout settings

Manage layout settings by adjusting the following settings:
Enable program bar layout
Select the layout of the programme overview.
Link to the FAQ page
Connect a page with frequently asked questions.
How should users be sorted?
Sort users, like attendees, by their first or last name.
Enable company subtitles
Either the attendees, meaning exhibitors, will be displayed underneath the companies or company tags will be displayed.
Enable company sorting
When enabled, you can sort companies by allocating them an order number given in the admin panel.
How should the company tiles be shown?
Select to show the company name with a small icon, with a full sized background or to not show the company name.
Enable minimized version of the company page
Select whether a minimized version of the company details will be displayed.
Company tab sorting
Drag the tabs to a desired position. The tab at the top of the page will be the default page that will open when entering a company booth.
Enable a blurred background image in the speaker card
Enable this setting in order to display a blurred image of the speaker in the header of their profile picture.
Link where users can go to order tickets
At the bottom of the lading page a button is displayed in case visitors do not have a ticket yet. The button will redirect the person to the page you select.
Upload a 32x32 image to be used as a favicon
Adds an icon to the tab of the web browser.
Reminder: Don't forget to save your changes!

Virtual tab sorting

The order of the tabs in the company and poster booths may be arranged manually:
Note: The reordering of the tabs is reflected in each company/poster booth in the virtual event platform.