Virtual event- Best Practices

Use the following best practices to get the most out of your event through the virtual platform!

1. Navigation Items

We advise structuring your navigation-items as follows:

  • Virtual event (menu)

    • My Profile

    • Programme

    • Attendees

    • Speakers

    • Companies

    • Networking Tables

    • Appointments

    • Social Wall

    • Toilet

  • Virtual event (lobby tiles)

    • Programme

    • Connection Center

    • Toilet

    • Advertisements

Tip: If you do not have any exhibitors/companies at your event, you can add the social wall to one of the lobby tiles instead.

2. Social Wall

First, enable the social wall on the top bar of the virtual platform. We advise placing an unpinned message from the organisation inviting the attendees to make their first post, and to schedule 2 to 3 posts from the organisation per day.


Dear XXX-attendee,

We are looking forward to the event! From where are you attending the event?

Let us know using this social feed & start connecting with others.


Team XXX

Tip: If you really want to speed-up the Social Feed; it's recommended that one of the collegues places the first reply with a picture!

"Looking forward to the event from my home office in the Netherlands!"

3. Scheduled E-mails

Make sure you have scheduled the following e-mails in your onboarding flow

ReceiversLogin stateWhenType mail



1 week before the event

Confirmation of event



1 day before the event

Login details


People who did not login yet

60 minutes after start of the event

The event starts reminder (with stats)



15 minutes before the start of event

The event starts


People who did login

2 hours after event stops

Sent an overview of all leads



2 weeks before the event start

Early access (exhibitors)


People who did not login yet

3 days before the event start

Early access reminder (exhibitor)

Speakers and moderators Webinar Samba


2 weeks before the event start

Session host instructions


People who did not login yet

1 week before the event start

Early access (speakers)


People who did not login yet

3 days before the event starts

Early access reminder (speakers)

4. Speaker Training

Ensure your speakers are well-acquainted with the LGD virtual platform by scheduling a speaker training or dry run session approximately two weeks prior to the event. Following the session, provide them with any necessary instructions, including details on how to log into their respective sessions, if applicable. This proactive approach will contribute to a smoother and more confident speaker experience during the event.

5. NPS/Feedback

  • Set a moment to sent out the NPS push message about the event. (1 hour before the event stops)

  • Ask 1 customize feedback question, for example about the virtual platform. (2 hours before the event stops)

  • Enable session feedback push notifications of the sessions if more info is needed

6. Push Messages

Warm the audience, with some scheduled push messages.

MomentContent Example

5 minutes before start of first session.

πŸš€ Welcome to [Event Name]! The stage is set, and we're about to kick off an incredible journey together. 🌟 Get ready for a dynamic lineup of speakers, engaging discussions, and networking opportunities. 🀝 Dive into the future of [event theme] with us! Click in now and let the excitement begin. πŸŽ‰

5 minutes before the start of the second session.

πŸ’¬ Do not forget to ask your questions in the Q&A of the session. Let’s make your questions part of the discussion.

Start of the break

β˜•πŸ₯€ Enjoy your break, grab yourself a cup of coffee, visit one of the networking tables or the digital toilet. The next session will start in XXX minutes.

5 minutes before the end of the break

❗Attention! In approximately 5 minutes, we will continue with the program.

End of the event

Thank you for your presence at [EVENT NAME] We hope you gained insights and found inspiration during this edition. πŸ“’ Would you like to share that you attended on social media? Please do! Don’t forget to include #EVENTNAME in your post. Thank you in advance and have a pleasant rest of the day!

7. WOW-Features

  • Ensure the toilet feature is enabled.

  • Set-up virtual influencers and load the preset messages for event join/leave and session join/leave, or write your own messages.

  • Add your video for the shake up feature and test it before the event.

8. Lobby Content

Make sure your lobby content is set up.

Tip: Most of our clients set up a live stream via Vimeo or Youtube and use this to welcome the attendees and play along with the shake up feature.

"What is happening?" "WOW what happened? Well I am awake now."

Other options are to add an image video or introduction video (possibly playing in a loop) to the lobby tile or set up a livestream without a host with virtual studio software (OBS), including several scenes (switching between pre-recorded videos and images during the day).

9. Matchmaking

  • Set-up 5 to max 10 matchmaking tags

  • Add 2 to 3 matchmaking rounds

  • Set up the advanced network carousel

10. Appointments

In case there are exhibitors, use the generated timeslots for companies. Also, manually add your appointment slots for attendees to make appointments with each other.

11. Content

Make sure that all of your content (exhibitors, users, programme) is complete with the right data and filled images. We advise you to give exhibitors early access so that they can complete the company booths themselves in the virtual platform.

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