Jet-Stream (VP)

Apart from using a Jet-Stream live stream in the lobby, a Jet-Stream stream can also be used as a programme item.

Setting up a Jet-Stream live stream as a programme item works the same way in the lobby as for a programme item. This article explains how to set up a Jet-Stream live stream.

Insert the live stream in a programme item

Head over to the admin panel to link the Jet-Stream live stream to a programme item.

Click on 'Content' and select 'Programme' from the drop-down menu.

Add a new session.

Complete the basic fields as applicable:

Scroll down and click on 'Add session'.

Please note: if you want to test your stream, the date of the programme item needs to be the same as the date of the live stream. E.g. is your live stream 'live' on 01.02.2021, then change the date of your programme item to 01.02.2021 to test the stream.

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