Registration Form - Dropdown Personal Programme

This article explains how the dropdown personal programme element of the registration form works.

It is possible to include the choice of personal programme to the registration form. This can be completed by using the following options.

  1. Select the type Drop down --> Data type 'Personal programme'

  2. Select the personal programme items that users can add to their personal programme.

If you want users to be able to add multiple items to their personal programme, you will need to create multiple downdown fields.

It is possible to let the attendees choose from certain prearranged options. For example, if you want to let attendees choose from which country they come. First, you have to create an extra data field in the Admin Panel (Settings - Advanced). Choose + select with multiple options. Here, you fill in the countries from which the attendees can choose. After that, go to the registration form and add country as input.

An advantage of using this registration form is that the users that submit the form get added immediately to your admin panel.

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