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Appointments (Virtual event)

Another feature which enables event attendees to meet each other is our appointments function. Find out more about it in this article.
This article explains how the appointments are being established in the admin panel.


Additional settings for appointments within the admin panel can be found here.

In the virtual environment

Users can schedule an appointment in the virtual environment as follows:
Users will be notified when their appointment starts.

The end result

From the drop-down click on 'My appointments'.

No (pending) meetings

In case the user has no (pending) meetings the following pop-up will show.
The pop-up offers the user two options:
  • Click on attendees to be redirected to the attendee overview to plan a meeting with a user.
  • Click on companies to be redirected to the company overview to plan a meeting with a company representative.

Appointments overview

On the 'My appointments' page, a user can see an overview of their planned appointments and additionally, any appointments that have been requested.
Note: My appointments will need to be added as a navigation item in the Admin panel to be accessed in the virtual event.

Planned Appointments

It is possible for a user to edit and/or remove appointments by clicking the three dots found at the specific appointment
Edit appointment: a user can propose a new time to meet. They will be able to change the day, time and provide a reason for changing the appointment.
Remove appointment: By clicking ´Remove appointment´ a pop-up will appear confirming if the user would like to remove the appointment.

Appointment requests

It is possible to see the appointments that have been requested by other users and the requests that the user has sent themselves. If there is a pending request a number will show in a red circle on the request tab within the Appointments overview page. Within the Requests tab, the user can choose to Accept, Deny or propose a new time/ date.
Note: If a user creates an appointment with another user that has specific appointment tables assigned to them, the appointment will be scheduled at that table (if available).
If a user has any appointments that conflict with an item within their personal program a notification will appear below the appointment/ request.
By clicking 'Click here' the user can also see their personal program and the appointment overlaps.

Last modified 3mo ago