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Webinar Samba Attendee overview (VP)

The menu section

Participant overview
Select the attendee overview to view how many attendees are currently in the audience of the session.

Action buttons

- Lock icon: Select to allow attendees to enter the session or make them wait in the lobby.
Speakers have several options:
Move to speaker Allow a user to be a speaker too. This offers the possibility to present together.
Give broadcast permission Give a user broadcast permission and they will show on screen when they select a webcam. Give an attendee, for example, broadcast permission to discuss something through video.
- Broadcast icon: Users can request to broadcast by clicking the icon in the top-left corner.
Note: Speakers have the option to apply the following actions to the entire audience:
  • Give and remove broadcast and presentation permissions
  • Turn the camera off
  • Ask users to turn the camera on
  • Mute the microphone
Give presentation permission Allows the selected person to add a presentation and manage the sheets.


All attendees can be muted by clicking the blue 'Mute all' button at the bottom of the attendee's overview. Furthermore, newcomers can be muted by ticking the box in front of 'Mute newcomers'.
Last modified 3mo ago