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Contacting Apple Support

This article will describe how you can contact Apple.


We have done our best to guide you through the necessary steps as required by Apple to be able to publish the app in their app store, however, if you encounter any difficulties then we strongly suggest contacting Apple directly as it is their services and processes. However, because it isn't easy contacting Apple over the phone, we have broken down the process here for you. There are some problems that you should always refer to Apple and contact them which you can find explained below.
Note: The below process only helps with problems with registering for an Apple Developer Account, not registering for a regular Apple ID.

Problems that will always require Apple's support

Legal Entity Name incorrect
No Apple device for registration
This is when the name of your association doesn't match the D-U-N-S number. This often is because Apple does not allow special characters in the association's name, such as: ‘-/%$#. This for certain associations however is part of their name (For example: K.S.V. “Sint Franciscus Xaverius”). For help with this, you need to speak to Apple.
To register with an Apple ID and enable two-step authentication, you need to have access to an Apple Device (Iphone, Ipad, Macbook etc) where you can activate this account. If you don't have one (Or you have more than three accounts registered on that device), you won't be able to activate that account. For help with this problem, you will need to speak to Apple.

Contacting Apple Support

  1. 1.
    Go to and click on 'Contact us'.
2. If needed, log in with your Apple account.
3. Select 'Membership and Account'.
4. Select the topic that best describes your problem. This is likely to be 'Programme Enrolment'.
5. Choose 'Phone'.
6. Select +31 for The Netherlands, +44 for the UK, or the relevant area code for your location, and enter your phone number before clicking on 'Call me'. 7. Apple should then call you back within approximately 1 minute. Explain the problem to Apple when they do call and follow their instructions.
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