Programme settings (Virtual event)

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To find the option to manage the program settings within the admin panel:
  1. 1.
    In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.
  2. 2.
    Select 'Virtual event settings'.
3. Click on 'Program' from the left-hand menu.

Managing your program settings

Manage program settings by adjusting the following settings:
Switch to horizontal programme layout
Enable to show the programme overview as a bar layout instead of a tile layout.
Enable colored program blocks
Enable to allow the program item blocks in the programme overview to be colored.
Enable to allow users to change their personal program
Attendees can change which sessions are in their personal programme.
Enable to only see personal programme in the ‘Now Live’ box
Enable to allow users with personal programmes to only see their personal programme in the programme overview
Enable small program items to become larger to be able to show more information?
Select whether programme items will expand automatically to show more information when hovered over.
Only allow people to enter program items of their personal programme
When enabled, user can only enter programme items of their personal programme. This entails that they can only join workshops they have signed up for.
Enable to only allow VIP attendees to join, will show a video when a non-VIP tries to join
You can allow an user with a certain tag to enter a room, while other users cannot enter by setting up user tag permissions.
Allow attendees to enter the session after the end time
When enabled, user can enter a session after the end time of the programme item.
Enable plenary session in the person program by default
Choose if plenary sessions will show in the personal programme of all users by default.
Enable location sorting
Allows admins to order the locations by numerical value
How do you want to show the type of speaker?
Enable accreditation points
This allows accreditation points to be added to programme items
Percentage of time spent in talk to recieve accreditation points
Sets the percentage of time that users must spend within a session to recieve accreditation points​
Reminder: Don't forget to save your changes!

Attention settings

The attention settings refer to a feature that allows you to capture the attention of the attendees by playing a sound as well as highlighting the program box in the lobby when certain program items are about to start.
Upload a sound track that you want to hear to get the attention
Choose a .wav file
Program items that should get some attention
Choose the program items that you would like to receive the sound as well as the highlighting when they are about to begin

The result

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