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The following article provides more information on our badge printing service.

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Let's Get Digital - Badge printing

The first impression counts. Impress attendees with professionally branded badges and no waiting lines with our live badge printing.


Power requirments

For each Badge Printing station, we have the following power requirements:

  • - 220-volt power supply

  • - 30W for the printer

  • - 80W for the laptop

Internet requirments

The system requires a stable internet connection with the following speed requirements:

  • A minimum of 1 MB/s per printer (if caching is enabled)

  • A minimum of 5 MB/s per printer (if caching is disabled)

The stations can operate on both cable and Wi-Fi connections.

Latency Requirements:

  • Unloaded latency should be under 100 ms

  • Loaded latency should not exceed 200 ms

The internet requirments can be tested at fast.com.

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