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The following article provides more information on our badge printing service.

Let's Get Digital - Badge printing

Let’s Get Digital badge printing offers the perfect solution to guarantee a smooth and professional entrance for attendees of your in-person live or hybrid events!
Our badge printing service provides personalized badges, customizable with the event logo and colours. Using our secure onboarding system, the badges are part of the entrance ticket distributed to your attendees. Badges can also be generated from the Let’s Get Digital admin panel to download a printable PDF file.
All badges are equipped with a QR code. Using the Let’s Get Digital app, QR codes can be scanned to check-in attendees. This way, even large numbers of attendees are checked-in effortlessly. Live statistics on the number of attendees checked in are displayed in the app, as well as the admin panel. A detailed overview is provided with information about who is currently attending the event and who did not show. Herewith, you are up-to-date with the attendance percentage in person.
Badge printing software is included in the extensive package. An additional fee is charged for the badge printing software (per user) in the core and advanced packages:


We can imagine that you might not have badge printing hardware at your disposal. Hence, we at Let’s Get Digital offer to be in-person during the event to set up everything required for badge printing. We can provide you with badge printers and laptops to set up based on the needs of your event. Furthermore, our team can be hired to make sure that everything is set up before the start of the event and provide a detailed process explanation to your host and hostesses. We are available to assist you to make your event a great success and to guarantee the best experience!
Please consult the brochure below to find a detailed pricing list:


Utilizing the app in combination with badge printing? During the event, the compatibility of the badges and the Let’s Get Digital app are the perfect way to:
  • Connect with others.
  • Share personal details.
  • Generate leads.
  • Check-in attendees for workshops.


  • Incorporated into the admin panel
  • Smooth check-in
  • Attendance overview
  • Hardware service
  • Support in-person
  • App compatibility
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The end result

Example of a badge
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