Session host instructions (Virtual event)

Speakers of program items need to prepare and be informed about features they can use.


  1. Create the PowerPoint presentation.

  2. Export the PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file. The file can be a maximum of 100MB.

We highly recommend speakers and moderators to use the latest version of Google Chrome.


  1. Test the microphone on your computer/laptop.

  2. Test the camera on your computer/laptop.

Upload and download speed of your network

Test your network speed by opening this link.

  • The minimum requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download/2.5 Mbps upload.

  • The recommended requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download/6 Mbps upload.

Read more about upload speeds required for a live stream:

Session host instructions

To ensure that there are no problems during the event it is recommended that speakers and moderators do a test in the vicinity of Samba Live. Invite speakers and moderators to run a test through the admin panel.

To find the speakers testing suite home page within the admin panel, hover over the Virtual Event tab and select 'Session host instructions' from the drop-down menu.

Inviting speakers and moderators

Edit Host instruction

Click on the green button 'Edit host instruction mail' to edit the invitation speakers and moderators will receive. Make sure to include relevant information. The email template includes corresponding session(s) and a link to a room where the speaker and/or moderator can do a test run.

Send an invite to all

By clicking the red button 'Send email to hosts' the composed invitation will be sent to all speakers and moderators that are linked to a programme item in the Admin Panel. Only speakers and moderators who did not receive an invite yet will receive an email using this function.

(Re)send e-mail invitation

Documents that are added to the content library of the session host instructions are automatically saved to the content library of the programme item.

Day of the event

Setting up

Speakers and moderators are allowed to log in earlier than attendees. Make sure:

  1. The WiFi connection is stable.

  2. A camera is set up.

  3. A microphone is set up.

Speakers and moderators can log into their session whenever they want prior to the event when they have received the host instruction mail.

Entering a programme item

  1. Click on 'Program' in the menu of the virtual event platform.

  2. Click on the programme item and click on 'Enter room'.

  3. A window will open in the programme item.

Selecting the view

  • Layout mode.

  • Full screen.

  • Tiled.

  • Thumbnail.

When a speaker or moderator changes their layout, the layout will not change for the attendees, unless they use the forced layout. When using a forced layout, the speaker or moderator can choose whether functions like the chat and questions are enabled.

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