External navigation (Virtual event)

This page describes how to setup external navigation with a custom user reference.

It is also possible to provide references for external navigation links in order to make it possible to recognise a user in external/own software.

This can be done by adding the variableslgd_user_id or lgd_user_code in the url parameters.

The software then automatically replaces these values with the corresponding values of the user. These values correspond to the values known in the API.

The table below shows the variable as it can be used in the link and what value it corresponds to from the API.

Variable in URL

API endpoint

Endpoint field








Add the following link to the navigation items: https://www.letsgetdigital.com?your_id=lgd_user_id&your_code=lgd_user_code

If a user with id 27 and code TESTINGCODE123 will click on the link, the following link will be opened: https://www.letsgetdigital.com?your_id=27&your_code=d5f3ef4396e64221092ec573dfe35b

The lgd_user_codeis sent as an md5 hash of the customer_id and code field with an indent in between:


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