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Is it possible to save the application so it can be used for the next event? (Usually the following year)

Yes: Standard procedure is for the application to be destroyed after 3 months assuming we have your approval (Something we will e-mail you about to discuss after the conclusion of your event), however, we would also be more than happy to discuss alternative options, even if you originally had a single-event app. There are also options you can utilise via the settings, design, and menu for your next event.

My visitors buy their tickets on the door at my event so I don't have any data or information about them - How can I inform them about the app?

There are 3 ways you can promote the application. The first is to advertise it on your event's website. Secondly, you could print a banner with an introduction and QR-Code for the entrance of the event during the check-in. Or finally, you could also have a QR code on the visitor's badges that can be scanned and will link the user to the app store.

Which app stores will the app be available for download from?

Our app will be published in all supported App Stores around the world, at the moment that's 155 countries worldwide. New countries that support the App Store in the future will also be automatically added.

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