The lobby (Virtual event)

The lobby forms the basis of the virtual event platform. Welcome attendees using a live stream or video and navigate to the programme, company stands and attendee overview.

The lobby consists of several parts explained in more detail below.

Lobby content

Add a live stream, video or image to the lobby; the perfect way to welcome the attendees and to get them excited for the sessions. Several platforms can be used to host your live stream or video:

At the bottom of this articles, the scaling of the lobby content is explained in more detail.


The lobby displays the current live session as well as the session(s) that are up next. The session can be accessed from the lobby by selecting the current session displayed in the tab or by navigating to the full programme.

Lobby tiles

The tiles displayed at the bottom of the lobby can be linked to a certain navigation item, like advertisements, the program, the attendee overview and companies, and can be customized to fit the needs of your event.

Virtual Lobby Chat

The chat is located on the right side of the lobby. Post information, comments or stories and share pictures during the event. It can also be used for polls and Q&As. In order to activate that functionality, hover over 'Settings' in the admin panel, choose 'Virtual event settings' and then 'Lobby content'. Here, you can enable the polls and Q&As for the lobby.

Note: Administrators and hosts can manage the poll and Q&A function in the chat.

The navigation bar in the top-right corner provides quick access to several features:


The virtual platform is usable with a device with a display that is at least 1024 pixels wide. Though you may be able to open the platform on a mobile or tablet display, at the moment, the virtual platform has been designed with desktops and laptops in mind. As a result, using another device may result in unexpected behaviour.

In order to accommodate a wide range of displays, the lobby interface resizes elements so that they won't be too large for some displays, as well as not being tiny on others. An important element that this affects is the lobby content.

Content that is officially supported (YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Jet-Stream) is displayed in an embedded video player that is responsive to the changing dimensions of the page. This means that if the content box changes size, the player will still fit inside the box, but it may get black bars on the top or sides of the player. However, if you decide to use custom content or a non-supported player through the use of the iframe option, it is the responsibility of the organiser that this content works as expected and not Let's Get Digital.

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