Programme (Virtual event)

Here we answer questions related to programme items.

Where can the attendees check the programme? The attendees can view the (personal) programme both in the virtual event and in the app. In the app, a programme will look something like demonstrated here. In the virtual event, a bar is shown where attendees can see which sessions are coming up next.

How do I change the way the programme looks in the virtual event? The platform offers two options: a tile-like view and a timetable. You can select the way the programme looks in the admin panel. Different program items can also be coloured differently.

How do I add the personal programme as a sub-menu to the programme in the menu of the virtual event? In the admin panel under settings of the virtual event, you can select to show the personal programme in the menu. Here, you can also allow people to only enter programme items of their personal programme.

How do attendees sign-up for certain programme items? Attendees can sign-up for sessions in the app by favouring the specific programme item. This can be done by adding a "star" to the specific programme item. See "the result" section in this article. This can also be done in the virtual event.

Is it possible to organize an event over two weeks with daily sessions? Yes, this is possible; please discuss the price with and your Delivery Consultant can explain to you how this can be inserted in the admin panel and therefore in the virtual event platform.

As an event organizer, can you move the entire program X minutes with a simple push of a button? Yes, this is possible. You can edit the programme in the Admin Panel or use the delay function.

How do you distinguish the different types of programme items, like workshops or plenary sessions? We will provide an Excel sheet where you can insert the programme items of your event. In the tab 'Talk type virtual' you can distinguish between the several types of programme items. Make sure to insert the correct type as shown here:


Insert in Excel sheet











Networking Carousel

network carousel

Advanced Networking Carousel

network carousel advanced



Group Video Call

group video call

Webinar Samba



not virtual

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