Registration form

Allow your users to effortlessly register for your event with the use of the Let's Get Digital registration form.

Available in the Advanced + Extensive packages

You can create a customised registration form that allows your users to register for your event and prevent the need to manually create a new user.

How to create a registration form

You create a quick and easy registration form in the admin panel by completing the following steps:

  1. Open the admin panel

  2. Go to 'Users' --> 'Registration form'

  3. Click '+New registration form'

  4. Fill in the basic information at the top of the form

You can customise the registration form with the relevant information you require (The table below shows what you can customise)

Types of data fields for the registration form elements

Is the field you want to include in your registration form not in here? Add User Input and choose under Data type --Add new-- and add your new field here.

*The exhibitor crew refers to the users who belong to the company stand and assist in managing the stand and interacting with visitors at an event. In the app, they have the ability to edit the details of the company page and can be tagged as exhibitors.

When choosing 'User input', you can fill in a title for this data field in the top left box. This will be the text within the text box in the final form, so the attendees can see what they have to fill in where:

More information about the different user input fields, can be found in this article in the knowledge base.

Optionally, you can also enter a 'Tooltip' text. Which will be below the text box and serves as an explanation to the field, if necessary. The following example shows a 'User input' field "Email" with "Email" with "Please fill in your Email address!" as tooltip text:

Group Form Elements

The group form elements allow you to group the different elements that you have added to the registration form. This will allow the fields to be visible next to each other (in groups) rather than below each other. You can set this up by:

  1. Select 'Group Form Elements' from the dropdown.

  1. Under 'Fill in a title for:' fill in the number of fields that you want to group, for example when you want to group first name, infix, last name, you fill in the number 3 here and these will be grouped.

  1. First add the Group Form Elements field and then add the other registration form elements that you want to group below this field.

  1. Now your registration form elements are grouped and rather than being shown beneath each other, these are now visible in groups.

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