Navigation settings (App)

The navigation menu can be tailored to what you want app users to be able to see and do within the app. This article explains how to manage the navigation menu from within the admin panel.

The navigation menu in the app

How to set up the App menu

The navigation settings basically determines how the event app looks like. The set navigation menu is how the app layout will be and in turn where users can find what information. We have set some default menu items to save you time setting up your event. Of course, you can still add, edit or remove menu items specifically for your event needs.

Create a new menu item

  1. Open the Admin panel for your event

  2. Go to Navigation --> Navigation settings

  3. Click on 'Add new item'

  4. Give the new menu item a name (this is a mandatory field)

  5. Set either an Icon or image for the menu item (one is required)

  6. In the section 'Set link to related page' choose where the menu should be linked to.

  7. If you have enabled the multi-language feature you can restrict the menu item to a specific language(s)

  8. If you set a tag(s) the menu item will only be visible for specific users who have the matching user tag

Edit a menu item

You can edit an already created menu item (including our default menu) by completing these steps:

  1. Go to Navigation settings

  2. Make the changes

  3. Don't forget to click 'Save changes'

Delete a menu item

You can delete a menu item by completing these steps:

  1. Go to Navigation settings

Please note: the menu item named 'Settings' cannot be deleted as it contains access to our privacy policy.

The Navigation Settings is split into 5 tabs

These tabs correspond to the navigation menu that appears at the bottom of the app screen.

Tab 1 -> Homepage, tab 2 -> Programme, tab 3 -> Chat, etc. Items can be added to/removed from a tab by adjusting the order and layout (see below)

Adjusting the order and layout of the menu

You can adjust the order and layout of your menu including the creation of sub-menu items and adding/removing menu items to tabs by completing the following steps below:

  1. Go to Navigation settings

  2. Drag and drop the pre-existing menu items into the order you wish

  3. If you drag a menu item and hover over another, you turn it into a sub-menu item (If successful the menu item name will turn red)

  4. A menu item can be added to a tab by dragging and dropping it into the tab of your choice

Choose the starting page for your app

To choose the landing page that the user will see when they log into the app, drag and drop the chosen menu item into the 'Tab 1' section. Furthermore, you can link a specific page to this by continuing to edit the menu item under Tab 1.

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