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Across both the Virtual event platform and the Mobile App there are many opportunities to boost engagement at your event using the chat function. This includes public and private chats (individual and/or group).

Public Chat in Virtual Event

There is a whole range of public chats that can be used within your event to boost the engagement of your users. Public chats are by default active in all sessions, company booths, poster booths and the lobby for Hybrid, Online and In-person events.

It is also possible to connect a poll and/or Q&A to all public chats in both the virtual event and mobile app.

It is possible to choose whether the chat is enabled per session.

Pin a public chat message

Organisers can pin (and un-pin) chat messages in the public group chats (lobby chat, programme session chats, company chats, poster chats). This can be used to display important information that should not get drowned out by other messages.

Speakers and moderators can also pin (and un-pin) messages in the programme session chat, while users assigned to posters and companies can pin (and un-pin) messages in the corresponding chats as well.

Public chat restrictions

It is possible as an organiser to restrict specific users from all public chats listed below.

  • Lobby chat

  • Session chats

  • Company booth chats

  • Poster chats

By doing so the restricted user can view the chat but cannot write a comment/ message.

This does not restrict users from participating in private group chats.

Learn how to restrict chat of a specific user.

To enable this function you will need to complete the following stesps listed below:

  1. From the Admin panel go to 'Settings' --> 'Virtual event settings'

  2. Choose 'General' in the left hand menu

  3. Scroll down to the option titled: 'Enable organisers to restrict users from participating in the group chats'

  4. Check the box to enable --> Click 'Save'

  5. From the Admin panel go to 'Users' --> All user --> Choose the users you want to restrict the chat for --> Enable the check box: 'Resrict access to public group chats'

  6. Save the settings

Flagging messages

All users can report messages in public chats to event organisers. This allows users to report messages they deem inappropriate and admins to review and remove messages if necessary.

Learn how to enable the option to report messgaes
  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to 'Settings' --> 'Virtual event settings-

  3. Click on the tab 'General'

  4. Scroll down to the setting 'Allow users to report chat messages'

  5. Make sure the option is enabled --> Click 'SAVE'

Once a message has been flagged Admins can review the messages in the Admin panel.

Learn how to review flagged messages in the Admin panel

Admins can review messages in the Admin panel by completing the steps listed below:

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to 'Communication' --> 'Reported messages'

  3. An overview of all reported messages will appear including: - The messages location - User who posted the message - The content of the message - Number of times the messages was reported - The option to delete the message

Public chats in the App

It is also possible for users to participate in the group chats from the app: Lobby chats, programme chats, poster chats and company booth chats. This implies that in-person attendees do not miss out on the discussion in the lobby chat or in programme chats that can unfold at hybrid events. It can also be useful for in-person events - attendees can start a discussion in the lobby chat or programme chat, increasing the level of possibilities to interact at your event.

To add the lobby chat as a navigation item in your app, please refer to the navigation settings article in our knowledge base.

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