🔊Multiple speakers (VP)

The software also allows two speakers or more in a programme item simultaneously. The speakers can virtually meet in the room once they have received their login credentials.

Speakers are inserted in the programme Excel sheet. As soon as a person is related to a programme item they have the rights a speaker has for that certain programme item.

When editing a programme item in the admin panel there is an option to grant everyone user speaker rights for a specific programme item. We highly advise you to only use this option for smaller groups, since having multiple users activate their microphone and camera simultaneously can create chaos.

The speakers do not need to be in the same place. They only have to be in the same virtual environment and login into the programme item. This way, moderators or multiple speakers can host a programme item at the same time.

Advise speakers to deactivate their camera and microphone whenever they are not presenting by clicking the microphone and camera icon in the top left corner of the Samba menu.

Active speakers

We advise to not have more than 8 active speakers simultaneously to guarantee the quality of the session. If you want to have speakers active, ensure that a moderator enables and disables the audio and video of speakers to activate them.

In tiled mode, the last 9 active speakers are displayed by default. This number can be increased up to 16 in the workspace settings. When content is shown on the screen, up to 4 active speakers are displayed alongside the content.

Note: The maximum amount of simultaneous speakers per room is 25.

Muting speakers

Samba Live does not offer an option to mute a selected speaker by default. In case you would like to use the option for users to mute a speaker in a session, for example, to use multiple languages in a session, please contact your Delivery Consultant.

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