Push notifications (Virtual event)

You can set up and control who to and when push notifications are sent via the admin panel. This article describes where you can control them and how to create/edit/delete them.

Available for: online events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

This article explains how to set up and edit push notifications in the admin panel.

Notifying offline users

In the admin panel click on 'Settings' and select 'General settings'.

Click on 'Mail' from the left-hand menu.

The settings can be set up to send users an email instead of a push notification when they are currently offline from the virtual event platform.

Enable both the settings ''Send an e-mail instead of a push notification'' and ''Send an e-mail of a push message if a user is offline on virtual event platform'':

Click on 'Save changes'.

When enabled, the user(s) will receive the ''New message received'' onboarding mail including push notifications via mail when offline from the platform.

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