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In this article we will provide you with an overview of the new Let’s Get Digital packages alongside their corresponding features.

Packages and features

Let's Get Digital will offer new packages in the future. Let's Get Digital will be offering 3 different packages. Each of these packages includes certain features. The first package; Core; offers the most essential features for smaller events. The second package; Advanced; offers the possibility to customize medium-sized events. The last package; Extensive; offers more advanced features which are more suited to larger-scale events. A general overview of the different packages and their features can be found in the following information about Packaging & Pricing for Let's Get Digital:


Within each package, a fixed number of users are included in the initial purchase. Following this it is also possible to purchase additional users using the bucket system. The bucket system allows you to purchase additional users at any time with a volume base discount.

Note: Buckets are only available for Advanced and Extensive packages. Discounts are based on the highest bucket purchased. Buckets for single events can be purchased up to one week prior to the event.

*SE: Single events *SUB: Subscription model *All prices depicted above are quoted in Euros

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