Interactive floor plan (App)

Create an interactive floor plan of your event within the App. The following article will explain how this can be completed:

The Interactive floorplan provides users with a virtual representation of the layout of an event venue. It is possible for you to adapt the interactive floor plan to your event and create interactive elements for example An exhibitor booth, programme item, Custom URLs

Available for: in-person events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

The home page

To find the interactive floor plan feature within the admin panel, hover over the content tab and select 'Floor plan'.

Managing floor plans

Creating a floor plan

  1. Open the home page.

  2. Click on 'New floor plan'.

  3. Complete the fields as described.

  4. Click on 'Add floor plan'.

Once you have selected 'Add floor plan', you're immediately taken to the interactive section of the floor plan. Continue reading on to 'interactive areas' and skip to step 3 to continue making your floor plan, or return to the home page by following the same steps as before.

Interactive areas

  1. Open the home page.

3. Click on the square icon to make a new interactive area. 4. Move any of the 4 corners to adjust its size. 5. Drag and drop the shaded area to move it around the floor plan.

6. Single-click on the shaded area to bring up a menu and complete the fields as described. 7. Changes to the area are saved automatically, close the menu by clicking on the cross icon. 8. Alternatively, delete the interactive area by selecting 'remove' at the bottom of the menu.

Note: If multiple plans are created, they will be ordered alphabetically in the app.

Editing and deleting a floor plan.

Each floor plan has three icons to its right:

Shapes on your floor plan can be linked to a location you might have set up as described here. This is particularly useful if there are a number of different rooms at your venue and your users want to be able to find a location that's part of the main venue.

To set this up:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 outlined in the interactive areas section to create one and move it as necessary.

  2. Click on the shape to open the menu.

  3. Under 'Link', click on the first drop-down menu and select 'Locations'.

  4. In the second drop-down menu, choose the corresponding location.


Follow the instructions in the navigation article here to find out how to add this (and other features) to your app!

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